The 21 Collection Affirmation Card Deck
The 21 Collection Affirmation Card Deck
The 21 Collection Affirmation Card Deck
The 21 Collection Affirmation Card Deck

The 21 Collection Affirmation Card Deck


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21 Thought-provoking Musings and Affirmations for a Bold, Beautiful and Brilliant Life is a complete 22-piece card deck for eliminating limiting beliefs about yourself and creating a life full of abundance, joy, and peace of mind. 21 individual cards provide prompts that require you to dig deep and look within. Each affirmation, musing, or thought-provoking quote is written to help you align your thoughts and the words you speak with the person you desire to be; and the life you dream of living.

You manifest what you speak – so use your words to start creating a life you love! We created this collection to remove the fluff. Affirmations don't have to be monologues to be effective and too many, at one time, can have the opposite effect. We want you to focus only on the cards that speak to your current situation UNTIL you fully start to manifest victory over that way of thinking or that obstacle.

It's time to align what you say and how you think with your purpose, your goals, and your vision for your life!


Find the affirmation card that fits whatever currently challenges you - Place the cards face down and choose one. Be sure to clear your mind and set your intention before pulling your card. You will naturally attract the card that speaks to your current mood, thoughts, or situation.

Now you decide - Choose to speak and meditate on one card each day or focus on the same card until the message is firmly rooted in your spirit; or until you manifest the message of the card, in your life.

Being consistent is key, to clearing out your old way of thinking and transforming your thoughts, be sure to keep that card with you throughout the day. Keep it (or them) in a highly visible place, in a location where you spend the most time - bathroom mirror, desk, nightstand, or car dashboard.

Additional ways to use the 21 Collection:

- in your morning routine. choose a card and focus on what it affirms - or challenges - throughout the day.

- a conversation starter. share a card with someone you love and discuss how it makes you feel and how you each can embody its meaning.

- during meditation. choose a random card and take a moment to meditate on its meaning.

- as a journal prompt. take whichever affirmation you are currently focused on and journal about its meaning for your life.

We’ve designed the 21 Motivational Musings and Affirmations for a Bold, Beautiful, and Brilliant life just for you.

Printed on quality cardstock (130lb) these beautifully designed cards offer powerful, intentional, and positive affirmations and quotes focused on self-love, relationships, wealth, and wellness.

Each order includes:

- 1 introduction card/note from the creator

- 21 unique cards printed on 130lb cardstock

- card size at 3.5"x3.5"

double-sided printing

- gorgeous luxe packaging (so they make great gifts as well)

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