4 tips to creating an intentional morning

4 tips to creating an intentional morning

I’m committed to my morning self-care routine. While my nighttime regimen helps me relax, unwind, and release the stresses of the day; it’s what I do with the start of my day that sets the tone for everything that follows. 

Mornings are my time to focus my intentions and prepare for the day ahead.

I enjoy waking up early. I’ve found that I’m more focused and calm, in the hours of the day before the sun rises. There’s something special about the quiet of the morning, when it feels like you’re the only person awake, that’s empowering.

Here’s how I make the most of my mornings, and you can too!

phone-free time

It’s easy to grab your phone and start mindlessly scrolling immediately after waking up. But I recently realized that when I do, I allow the energy of others to affect my day before it even begins. This can be good or bad, depending on what has filled your feed overnight. 

I’m no longer taking the chance. 

The same goes for work/business related emails and communications. Checking in to ‘work’ before I’m mentally ready can lead to feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.

There is very little benefit to checking in with your phone before you check in with yourself in the morning. Get centered before you take on the world and watch your overall demeanor improve.

scent stimulation

We often reserve scent stimulation for special occasions and long hot bath soaks, but fragrance can be sacred and calming. The mood enhancing benefits of certain scents is powerful and should be a part of your morning routine. Whether you prefer burning incense, or an essential oil diffuser, grab your favorites and give yourself (and your mood) a boost as a part of your morning routine.

soul food

When mornings are rushed, a healthy breakfast often goes out the window and instead, turns into grab and go. As you move towards being more intentional with your mornings, let’s change how you do breakfast. Set aside time to actually sit, take in the flavors, and enjoy the moment.

Think about foods that excite you in the morning… whether it’s a favored coffee or tea, oatmeal, in-season fruit, or a green smoothie. Whatever your preference is, make it a daily practice. Really savor these moments – place fresh flowers in your favorite breakfast spot, and purchase cute dishes to personalize your experience - remembering that sometimes joy starts with the smallest details.

create intention 

Sometimes you wake up and your mind is already engaged to the point that it feels like your thoughts have thoughts! 

You can avoid carrying chaotic energy into your day with journaling. Journaling is an amazing way to get ideas, concerns, and your things-to-do, out of your head. Early morning journaling doesn’t require a lot. 

Treat it like a brain dump because sometimes you need a quick mental release - to determine what you need to accomplish, how you want to feel and what you plan to experience for the day ahead – before the hustle and bustle begins.

When you set aside time to be grateful and intentional you become a magnet for beauty, joy, and abundance in your life!

In less than 45 minutes, I’ve transformed uninterrupted quiet time into a morning ritual that feeds my soul and breathes life into my spirit. It’s time to reboot and recharge your mornings. Make self-care a priority in your morning routine and you’ll look forward to waking up each day!

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